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Video Product Sales

Backporch represents manufacturers of Broadcast and Professional video products. In addition to new sales, our engineering strengths give us the ability to provide exceptional values on pre-owned equipment. These capabilities combined with our extensive network of broadcast contacts and resources for parts/products can provide solutions for nearly any broadcast need. Please call or e-mail us so that we may help you.

Backporch Broadcast is proud to represent new products from manufacturers:

Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Hitachi, Broadcast Pix, Ross, Marshall, Canon, Fujinon, Oconnor, Sachtler, Vinten, Manfrotto/Bogen, Anton Bauer, IDX, Petrol, Kata, Kramer, TVOne, Cobalt, Black Magic, AJA, Sierra, Leitch, RTS and just about anything else you might want.

Please call us.

Backporch Broadcast was founded by broadcast engineers. If you’re considering purchasing video equipment, buying pre-owned equipment from engineers may be a smart move.

We like to use the analogy “like buying a used car from a mechanic”. We have the capabilities to inspect, evaluate, repair and (in most cases) warranty used products.

If you’re thinking of buying used… Buy smart. Buy from engineers.

Backporch Broadcast is proud to bring savings to our clients through B-Stock purchases. In most circumstances B-Stock products are:

Display – Item was used by the manufacturer or dealer for display (in a glass case)
Demo – Item was used for demonstrations
Damaged – Unit was damaged in shipping
Defective – Unit was defective out of the box
Refused – Package was refused by the original recipient

Products which are sold as new (A-Stock) and returned to the warehouse cannot be sold as A-Stock again. Any products returned for one of the above reasons will be repaired (if necessary) and evaluated. Units worthy of factory warranties are graded as B-Stock.

Backporch Broadcast’s engineers are experienced professionals in the maintenance and service of nearly all types of broadcast video cameras and lenses. We service camcorders, studio cameras, camera heads, camera backs, view finders, CCUs, RCPs – you name it – from just about any manufacturer – Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, Thomson, Grass Valley, Hitachi, JVC, Toshiba.

Backporch’s service department has experience in the repair, service and maintenance of Broadcast and Professional equipment. We specialize in HD Broadcast equipment such as Panasonic , Sony, GVG, and JVC Cameras, CCU’s and RCP’s . We also repair HDV, DVCAM, BetaCam SP, BetaCam SX, MPEG IMX, D2’s, Digital Betacam (DigiBeta), DVCPro, 8mm, Umatic, and 1 inch. Our capabilities are too extensive to list. Please contact us if your gear is not listed here.

If you need to ship your camera or lens in for service but do not have a case, please let us know. We have loaner cases available.

Backporch has the abilities to service most video lenses. Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux, ENG, EFP, EC, Studio, Box… you name it.

If you need to ship your camera or lens in for service but do not have a case, please let us know. We have loaner cases available.

We repair most Broadcast and Professional monitors as well as all types of professional projectors.

Backporch Broadcast’s engineers have factory training and experience in the repair and maintenance of nearly every type of video tape recorder (VTR). We repair Sony SRW tape decks, HDCAM tape machines, Digital Betacams, DVCPro VTRs, D5 decks, DVCAM tape machines, HDV Decks, XDCAM Decks, even Sony’s GY series tape-based data machines – just about anything out there.

We have the capabilities to perform complete overhauls, replace complete, inner and upper drums, perform tape path adjustments and repair circuit boards. No matter what kind of trouble you’re having with your VTR (and no matter who makes it), it’s likely we can help you.

If you need to ship your VTR in for service but don’t have a case, please let us know. We have loaner cases available.

Backporch Broadcast’s factory trained engineers are adept at component level repair. We have the engineering skills and tools necessary to identify, remove and replace nearly any defective IC, diode, resistor or capacitor. We repair circuit boards instead of replacing them – saving you money.

In the event you need on-site engineering support of any kind, Backporch can help.

Our friendly and experienced engineers travel the globe serving broadcast clients – no matter the need. We perform on-site repairs and alignments.

Backporch Broadcast has all the capabilities to design, sell, install and integrate solutions to meet your video equipment needs.