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Migration Archiving

Migrate analog tapes to digital files to facilitate a modern digital content workflow

So much content still lives on tape, and tape doesn’t last forever. It’s time to get it off. The preservation and archival of a tape library begins with Media Migration. Backporch offers a host of services specifically targeting the processes required to migrate media assets from tape to a digital archive.

VTR maintenance: The first step to Media Asset Management begins with Media Migration. Getting content off a tape and into a server starts with playing the tape. Legacy formats are required to do such a thing. Backporch’s factory trained and factory experienced engineers are experts in the repair and maintenance of nearly every tape machine out there, from 2-inch to SRW. Have 1-inch or ¾” machines that need to be prepped for playback before an irreplaceable piece of footage runs through it one last time? Backporch can clean, align, repair and even manufacture those hard to find parts.

Backporch worked extremely close with Front Porch Digital and SAMMA systems in the past. Providing VTR maintenance contracts, as well as repairing SAMMA Cleaners, SAMMA Solos and SAMMA Robots. We can be a source to provide hardware and support the maintenance of cleaners (of all types), SAMMA Solos and Migration Robots (of all types). Additionally, Backporch can help (and has helped) with the integration, maintenance and support of migration systems around the world to include clients such as: Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, Library of Archives Canada, Shoah Foundation Institute, Johns Hopkins University, University of South Carolina, Duke, Miami Dade College, ABC, Al Jazeera, Televisa, Major League Baseball, and The Golf Channel.

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